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About us

Tailgating in America is where you can get your offical Tailgating In America ® gear! This is the only place for people to get the Tailgating products that you see on the a reality show that is set to bring new insight to the world of Tailgating In America.

Our stars are the The Fans, The Super Tailgators, Host Michael Faust, along with a celebrity/athlete co-host and celebrity chefs!  

At you can get the gear you need to be part of the Tailgating In America ® offical team!

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Here is what we believe:

    “Great tailgating and sports are the staples of what makes America so spectacular.” 

     "If grilling in one’s own back yard is as close as most men will ever come to performance art, then those who are brave enough to do so while tailgating, are some of America's greatest performers!

   "If the big-time, modern stadium is the Coliseum of our day, it is the tradition of Tailgating and the great food that keeps the masses happy as they prepare for the spectacle of battle.

                As said by Tailgating In America’s founder: Michael Faust

We believe we must deliver the cool gear our Tailgating In America ® team needs to live up to our core beliefs. 


Tailgating in America ® is a registered trademark by TGIA-1 LLC