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“Ranking all 31 NFL Stadiums”

Michael Faust

Tailgating in the NFL can be fantastic and its fans are as strong as any in the world! Part of what makes a TAILGATE is the stadium it takes place at.  Here at Tailgating in America, we have tailgated at some of the best NFL stadiums in the nation.  We love tailgating in the shadow of NFL stadiums, but let’s be honest, all stadiums are not the same!  And that’s a good thing.  It's the venues that help build the character of the tailgating community and the tailgates that take place at it.

The Sporting News did a breakdown of all 31 NFL Stadiums.  We want to know, did they do justice to your favorite stadium and its tailgating, or did they commit a huge fumble?

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 Ranking all 31 NFL Stadiums 




Sporting News - By Don Muret - Aug. 11, 2015

As the league moves to Los Angeles, NFL stadiums are in the forefront. So what better time than now to rank all 31 NFL stadiums, from worst to best.

The rankings cover fan amenities tied to seating, concessions, technology, parking, tailgating and neighboring destinations, all key factors that feed into the game day experience. Many teams have upgraded or are in the process of renovating their stadiums and those improvements are noted in the list.

The Vikings, Falcons and Rams currently are building new facilities. Three years from now, after the smoke clears over the future of the Chargers and Raiders, this list could undergo some dramatic changes.

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